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Safety Made Simple

Mobile first smart systems that help people manage their safety and risk.

We make safety simple

Life is complicated, your safety shouldn’t be.

Which is why we develop app centric systems that help keep you safe, at work or play.

Supporting you. Wherever you are.

Life ready

Your time is precious. We make it simple to get an end-to-end safety system that helps you prevent, detect and respond to unsafe events.

What now

We set ourselves apart by answering that question. When life goes unplanned, we give you the tools to signal for help and guidance content to help you, help yourself, when life goes unplanned.

Low intrusion

Tech should support, not intrude into your life. We use smart systems and only notify  you when needed. So you can focus on you.

Privacy friendly

Big brother tracking just makes people nervous. And unlikely to use tools that help them. We give you the tools to conditionally share your location according to the risk.

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Safety made simple

Core Lite is a location sharing app that helps you

  • manage your safety at locations,
  • signals others for help when you need it.
  • helps you respond to unplanned events, with
    simple, clear information you can use.


Privacy controlled. Visibility only when you want.

Low touch. So you can concentrate on your best.

Smart safety


A safety system for peace of mind at locations and visibility your way.


Activate when you need help or want someone to know where you are.


Tips on prevention and responding to unplanned events.

Smart sharing

Live share

Live share to a destination. Auto completes on arrival. SMS to contacts.

Static share

Why explain. Show it. Select the location. Name it. Send by SMS. Simple.

Value to you

Live share

Live Share

Only share your location when you want.

Smart management systems

Smart management systems

Assisting your safety from check in to out.

Seamless safety

Seamless safety

Automated safety and SMS all in one subscription.

Help intelligence

Help intelligence

When activated your contacts can view your live location on any device. Accelerate the response.

Privacy By Design

Privacy By Design

No tracking. No sale of data to third parties.

Prevent and respond to the unplanned

Prevent and respond to the unplanned

Guidance knowledge centre for when you need help.

Key Features


Visibility by SMS

In your safety plan, select those persons you want to advise when you check in/out of a location.


On arrival contacts receive an SMS with a link showing the location on a map and details of your safety plan.


If you complete a safety plan at a location, either early or at the scheduled end time, contacts will receive an SMS advising you remained at the location.

Adjustable safety area

The safety area defines the area of safety monitoring to apply, only visible to you. Adjust the safety area to your environment.

Early exit

If you leave the safety area prior to the scheduled end time, you will be notified. If you haven’t returned within two minutes, the safety plan is auto completed. If selected, contacts are SMS notified of your check out.

Auto adjustable start time

Life changes. Arrive at a safety plan location early or after the scheduled time, the safety plan auto adjusts.

Step auto escalation

At the end of your safety plan, you receive three notifications to respond. After six minutes if you don’t respond or exit the safety area, help is auto activated, sending your live location and safety plan details to contacts in your safety plan.

End of plan actions

We’ve made it simple at the end of your safety plan.

  • Extend the time
  • Complete the safety plan
  • Exit out of the safety area within six minutes.



Activate help three ways:

  1. On the move
  2. At a location with an active safety plan
  3. At a location with an active safety plan and no response to escalation alerts


Contacts you select in your safety plan, receive an SMS with your live location and safety plan information (only 2 and 3).

16 hrs of visibility

Once you activate help, your live location can be shared for up to 16 hours, depending on your phone handset and configuration. This maximizes your chance of getting the assistance you need.

In the loop

Once you activate help, select [Contact replied] to notify all of your contacts that someone has responded to your request for help. This saves multiple inbound phone calls, SMS and having to repeat yourself.



Get access to summary actionable content you can use to prevent or reduce the likelihood risk of an unplanned event occurring.


Access summary actionable content you can use to create a planned response to an unplanned event. Respond faster and reduce negative impacts.

Available offline

No internet connection required. Content is available to you wherever you are.

Value for you

Smart systems

Smart Systems

Your time is valuable.

So we've developed smart systems to reduce app intrusion.

So you can focus on your best.

All inclusive

All inclusive

SMS and web browser systems are all inclusive in the subscription.

Class leading help

Class leading help

Accelerate the help process when you need it the
most. On activation select contacts get an SMS
and can view your live location, safety plan and
phone information, on any device. Sharable to
emergency responders, so you get help faster.

What People say

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Value Creation

The need to undertake activities to achieve your organisational goals is no longer 9 to 5. Staff are no longer static in a building, they’re mobile or working outside business hours. This means you need to provide agile, centralised safety and security systems which meets their expectations and drives improved outcomes, when the unplanned occurs or they need help.

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