We’ve launched Core Lite. A better pathway to safety for the most important person, you.

The need

Personal safety is something we often overlook, until we need help. Which is odd because we take steps to looks after our health by eating well, or take our car to the mechanic to ensures its running right.

So why not pre-load all the information we might need to share with others, and its done seamlessly?

Our founder Brett Williams, recognized this problem. Brett’s an avid traveler, having traveled to over 40+ countries, some very economically challenged. As an adventurer, things don’t often go to plan. Here’s just one now.

The wake up

In 2016 Brett was riding his Triumph scrambler in the dirt back roads of Melbourne, Australia. The road surface changed so there were two decisions. Control crash over the side of the steep hillside, where maybe he might be discovered by a passerby, or put the bike down on the road. Taking the least risky option, he put the bike down. Having been knocked unconscious during the incident, Brett woke up in the middle of the dirt road, on a bend.

Dusting himself off, he walked to the side of the road where the bike lay. 20 seconds later a car came speeding around the corner. The wake up. If he had continued to lay there, he would have been run over. No one knew where he was, or that he needed help.

On reflection, it gave him an idea. What if you could pre-load your safety plan information. Share it when you need location visibility or need help.

Market research told us that adults wanted a safety system and location sharing, that was privacy friendly. They wanted to be able to choose the where, how long and with whom they shared their location. Core Lite is the result.

We are global

We built Core Lite for the mobile. People who meet others, travel, and get the most out of life. So we made our systems accessible from anywhere, you are connected. Brett understands this more than most. In 2020 Brett moved to Munich, Germany where the first prototypes were developed, then to New York City, US.

Real world impacts

We believe that tech should have a real world impact on their mindset and wellbeing.

We don’t just sit back and say ‘that will do.’ Even though we have just launched Core Lite, round two feature improvements are already underway. So you get a faster, better, improved user experience.

Join us

We’re the little guys. A bootstrapped tech start up looking to make an impact.

Join us today. Free Core Lite subscription on the Apple Store for a limited time.