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Core+. In development now.

Core+ is an enterprise location sharing mobile safety application, that uses smart systems to manage staff safety and welfare at locations.

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Smart information sharing

Safety cover for those outside organisational brick and mortar locations,
or on site after hours. Reduce harms. Improve outcomes.



Welfare and safety monitoring from the time staff check in to check out at a Location.



Staff need help or they want someone to know where they are.



Tips on prevention, responding to the unplanned, or triaging an event.

How It Works

See how you use Core+ when life goes to plan, and when the unplanned occurs.

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Core +

Complete safety cover at locations, from check in to checkout.


Welfare and safety monitoring from the time staff check in to check out at a Location. Smart systems have been employed to focus on a low user touch experience, so staff can concentrate on delivering their best.

Use case: Medical staff attending client homes for hospital at home patient care.


Staff need help or they want someone to know where they are, can activate the help button or let it auto escalate and message select Contacts.

Use case: While treating a hospital at home patient a nurse identifies the client is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


Tips on prevention, responding to the unplanned, or triaging an event. Staff can access category specific, easy to understand information when they need it most.

Use case: A vehicle collision occurs and there is an urgent need to apply a response methodology, to help make the people and vehicle safe.

Flexible to support your needs

The needs across an enterprise differ, with business lines operating across different profiles and risk landscapes. Aegis 24/7 matches your varying staff safety profile needs, which means you maximise your ROI with a centralised single system.

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Go confident. The risk profile changes once staff are offsite. Create visibility, build risk resilience and reduce the likelihood
of harm.

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On Site After Hours

Promote user confidence and wellbeing, working after hours. Gain safety overwatch fixed systems can’t provide. Integrate with your security program for proactive patrolling.

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Lone Workers

Being a lone worker is challenging. Make them visible and get an active intervenor than monitors their welfare, so they have the best shot at getting help, when they need it the most.

Our Application

Core+ creates location visibility for staff and allows them to share safety plan information with others, on privacy friendly terms. 


If the unplanned occurs, they can signal for help and share live location intelligence to accelerate the response. 


To help get staff to a position of safety, they can access guidance information that can be used to triage an event, or develop a planned response.


Safety made simple.


Intuitive features that work to create a user friendly safety system.

Value Creation

The need to undertake activities to achieve your organisational goals is no longer 9 to 5. Staff are no longer static in a building, they’re mobile or working outside business hours. This means you need to provide agile, centralised safety and security systems which meets their expectations and drives improved outcomes, when the unplanned occurs or they need help.

About Us

Aegis 24/7 is a tech company but we’re not tech people. We’re problem solvers. Our purpose is to give people a mobile safety tool that helps make them safer at locations, and make better decisions when the unplanned occurs.

Everyone loves a win-win situation. So we created an app for organisations that works to reduce risk and harm costs, and also creates a win for users, as they get safety cover, all in a privacy friendly environment.

We’re building our apps in stages, Core Lite, then Core+. Our systems are structured to service international customers and scale to your needs. Contact us to find out more.


Pick your plan, get safety coverage for staff, reduce risk.
We’re still developing our subscription pricing model, but rest assured, it’s going to be a price you’ll love.

  • Core+

Free Trial Subscription

30 day trial
Free /One Month
  • Trial and Test
  • Access all contents
  • Some limits apply

Annual Subscription

Make people safer and make better decisions all year round.
$X /Annually
  • Fit for you custom pricing
  • Discounts and module upgrades
  • No extra costs

Monthly Subscription

When you need short term cover
$Y /Monthly
  • Great for projects
  • Overwatch when travelling
  • Upgrade to annual anytime


$99 / month
  • Unlimited calls
  • Free hosting
  • 500 MB of storage space
  • 500 MB Bandwidth
  • 24/7 support


In what scenarios would you use the app?

Core+ is designed to provide a safety system for people at work who are off site, on site after hours, or undertaking lone worker tasks. It’s when there is a risk the unknown may occur.

A problem for most organisations is once you move away from brick and mortar locations or are working after hours, it becomes difficult to extend safety systems to cover you. Core+ is the solution to this problem.

What do I need to run Core+?

Core+ is built as a Software As A Service (SAAS). No additional hardware to purchase or support. Simple. Core + is designed as a mobile first product, because people are on the move. For administrators there is an administration panel, which is best viewed on a desktop computer.

How easy is it to use the app?

Core+ is designed to be user friendly. We trial and test our app so that a user from the age of 10 and above can understand its purpose and use it. We use smart systems to minimize the amount of interaction with a user and their phone, so they can focus on what they do best.

Who can see my location?

Core+ is location sharing on your terms. You control who sees where you are. You set the permissions on sharing your location. Core+ does not track or share data once a user has left a location.

Security and privacy?

We believe in security and privacy by design. We do this by:

  • Using encrypted cloud systems to manage and store data.
  • Only importing those Contacts a user selects for a safety plan, into Core+.
  • Deleting tracking data once a user reaches the location listed in their safety plan. This tracking data remains on the user’s handset and is not shared with our servers. This is required so Core+ knows when to activate a safety plan, once a user arrives at a location.
  • We don’t share your information or location data with third parties.
  • Adopting ISO27001 Information security management risk principals.


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 our free trial or need a demo. We look forward to hearing from you.