Signal selected Contacts for Help or if you are unable to, system smarts will auto escalate and signal for you. Your live location is then shared for next step response.

Help activation – no safety plan

Sometimes you need help when on the move and a location safety plan hasn’t been created.

Activate Help, select Contacts and they will be SMS message notified with user location and phone intelligence they can use, for next steps.

Help activation – safety plan

When a safety plan is created, these details are stored for the duration a user is at a location.

If Help is activated while a user is at a location, Contacts selected in the safety plan receive an SMS message including: a copy of the safety plan, user location and phone intelligence that can be used for next steps.

Location intelligence

On Help activation, selected Contacts receive via SMS message information that enables them to take next steps:
- user location on an online map
- user safety plan
- phone battery %
- altitude

Notify all a Contact has responded

On Help activation, avoid duplication with multiple persons attempting to contact a user in need of Help.

If one Contact responds, all other Contacts are messaged. This reduces the workload on the person in need of Help.

Notify all on Help cancellation

If a user wants to cancel the request for help, when they select [I am okay], all selected Contacts are notified that Help is cancelled.

Other Features

Location Module

Safety Plan creation
Location Favourites
Check In/Out optional auto SMS


Timed location monitoring

Guidance Module

Prevention and response guide
Unpopulated prevention and

response guide framework


Apple and Android
Simplified user experience
AWS secure system
SMS Messaging