Create a safety plan, so people have line of sight on your location and are alerted when you need Help.

Safety plan creation

Create a plan that is shared with select Contacts on check in/out, or when a user needs help.

The plan answers the question someone would ask if they needed line of sight on a user’s location: where | with who | how long | who will be notified.

Location favourites

When creating a safety plan, get to where you need quicker.

Use the Address Auto Suggest or select on a map.

Check in / out optional auto SMS message

Select those Contacts a user wants to auto SMS message notify, when they check in / out of a location.

Select individual Contacts or create Groups of Contacts, making it faster to create a safety plan.

Contacts are able to access the user’s safety plan, for line of sight, for the duration of the active plan. No active live location sharing, to maintain user privacy.

Timed location monitoring

When creating a safety plan, select the start and end times safety cover is to apply at a location. These can be changed at any time.

When at a location, on expiry of the timer, if no response is received, the app step escalates, activating the Help feature, so Help messages are auto issued if a user is unable to.

Time – motion smart alert monitoring

For people undertaking lone worker or isolated tasks. Set motion / input alerts that require a user to check in. No input and Help activates.

Smart location management

Life doesn’t always go to plan. Arrive early or late. The safety plan only activates when you arrive at the location.

No tracking

Location data needed to check in/out a user at a location is auto deleted from Aegis 24/7 systems on arrival.

A user’s location is only tracked and shared when a user activates the Help button. Once a user cancels a Help request, all tracking stops.

For user security, location data is encrypted between a user’s phone and cloud based systems.

Other Features

Help Module

Help Activation–manual or auto
Live Location Intelligence
Notify all a contact has responded
Notify all on help cancelation

Guidance Module

Prevention and response guide
Unpopulated prevention and

response guide framework


Apple and Android
Simplified user experience
AWS secure system
SMS Messaging