We’ve released Core Lite beta to help people better manage their safety at locations. It’s the first step in our product development journey.

We’re now developing Core+, a safety system for when you’re at work and its next level.

For those times when you want location visibility or there is the risk of the unknown when you’re:

It’s a location sharing app that helps you:


Location visibility your way

Go confident knowing that you have a safety system on your phone, that shares your location visibility only when you want it to or need help.

Location safety plan

Seamlessly share information with contacts by SMS, when you arrive at a location, or when you need help.

Help intelligence

Accelerate the timeline when you need help.

Contacts you select are sent a link via SMS that enables them to view on any device connected to the internet:

– your name and cell phone number

– your live location

– your safety plan if you had an active plan at the time

– details on your phone including battery % and altitude

Guidance | prevent and respond

Life doesn’t always go to plan. 

Access category specific, summary guidance information you can use to prevent events, or respond to them. 

Privacy friendly

Where you go and who you see is your business. Your location is only visible to contacts you select, and only when you need.

Live location sharing

Give and get comfort, that someone knows where you are and that you arrived. Sharing in two touches. Sharing stops when you arrive at your destination.

Auto help activation

If you haven’t left a location by the end of your safety plan, help automatically activates.

This assists you if:

Low touch

Designed to be low intrusion, Aegis 24/7 uses simplicity and smart systems to minimise the interaction between you and the app, so you can focus on your best.

123 let’s go!

We’ve got some great feedback and we would appreciate yours. What works for you, what doesn’t, features you would like to see. To make your safety better.

Our website will be update in the coming weeks to reflect the new Core Lite product. 

Download and test today: