An overview of the Aegis 24/7 system and features you need to simplify organisational safety.

Building for Apple first, then Android smartphones

As part of our staged development program, we’re building first for Apple smartphones, then Android.

Simplified user experience

A focus on minimal text, use of icons and smart systems, for rapid user uptake.

Cloud system secure

User data securely stored in class leading cloud systems.

SMS messaging

All SMS messages are sent to Contacts from an Aegis 24/7 branded phone number for recognition.

Data management

Store user data in a jurisdiction of your choice. Encrypted data for your protection.

2 factor authentication

For increased user login security.


Core+ offers three tiers of support as part of your service agreement:

Line 1: User self-help with access to in app help portal.
Line 2: In-depth technical support including issue notification, bugs, escalations.
Line 3: Expert product and service support. Customisation.

User management

Manage the user’s Aegis 24/7 is deployed to.

Email lifecycle

Line of sight for users. Administrator managed lifecycle emails to users, from download to offboarding.


Bulk user account creation via administrator.

Group Contacts

Bulk creation of Groups and assigned Contacts via administrator

Group graduated location sharing permissions

Set the options. Set SMS check in / out options and location sharing profiles by Group.

Administrator notification on Help activations

Auto notification to administrators(s) and specialist Contacts, when a user activates Help.

Create a custom API to security monitoring centres.


Gain insights into user behaviours to optimise system application.

Other Features

Location Module

Safety Plan creation
Location Favourites
Check In/Out optional auto SMS


Timed location monitoring

Help Module

Help Activation–manual or auto
Live Location Intelligence
Notify all a contact has responded
Notify all on help cancelation